I hoping the Graceful will last and age well


(FYI: some photos are screenshots from my unboxing video, so excuse the blurriness).

Over the past year, I slowly started falling in love with luxury brand Louis Vuitton. While I previously thought the brown monogram was flashy, in your face Designer Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags , and my opinions slowly changed as I got older, and Irealized how stylish yet classic some of their bags replica louis vuitton actually were. I was especially intrigued by their casual hobo style bags (yes, I a hobo girl!!). I had seen some people with LV bags that were 15 years old and still being worn. This attests to their quality and why LV has stayed for so long. The same can be said for other luxury brands such as Chanel and Herms. The Chanel Classic Flap and Reissue exude luxury and timelessness, and the Herms Birkin and Kelly exude understated elegance. Earlier this year, I got the Louis Vuitton Alma BB in Damier Ebene, and was obsessed replica louis vuitton with how cute it looked (though a tad too structured for my taste). This time, I wanted a larger bag that could hold my 15 Macbook Pro, some notebooks, water bottle, etc. It also comes in 3 sizes: PM (small), MM (medium) is the most common size, and GM (large). The Neverfull also comes in Epi Leather (a stiffer material than canvas). One of the primary reasons I disliked the Neverfull was because of cheap replica handbags the wide open top as pickpocketers can easily stick their hands in the bag. I didn like the way the bag looked cinched in on the sides either. Overall, the Neverfull seemed like a steep price to pay for a bag I didn love that is also very aaa replica designer handbags commonly seenseen around Toronto.

The Delightful bag is a beautiful hobo that I then set my sight on purchasing. There exists the old model Delightful, and the new model Delightful (which I didn like because of the hanging tassel). The Delightful was completely discontinued in August/September 2017, and replaced Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags by the Graceful bag. A couple weekends ago, my friend and I went shopping on Bloor street and stopped by Holt Renfrew. I tried on the Neverfull MM replica louis vuitton bags in monogram and denim blue epi. The monogram looked beautiful on. However www.dolabuy.su , the canvas material felt thin and flimsy. Although I originally expected myself to appreciate the understated style of the Epi, the Epi was too structured for a tote style bag and didn look good with the sides cinched when I tried it on. The straps were also very verythin, yet the bag is supposed to carry up to 200lb of weight! The only pros I could think of with the Neverfull is 1) it comes with a pouch that doubles as a wristlet and 2) the bag is quite spacious.

A 15 Macbook pro inside fitted horizontally inside the Graceful MM.

Next, I tried on the Graceful MM with beige interior. The replica designer handbags Graceful comes in 2 fake designer bags patterns (1) Monogramand(2) DE and 2 sizes (1) PM and (2) MM. The PM measures 35cm (L) x 26cm (H) x 10cm (W). The MM measures 40cm (L) x 30cm (H) x 11cm (W). The monogram comes in 2 interior colours (1)pivoine (a bright pink fuschia) that is young and eye catching, and (2)beige (a classic colour that one would never get tired of seeing).

When empty, the shape of the bag is unattractive, flat, and boxy. Once filled however, a beautiful slouch emerges. The bag molds to the body and possesses a more feminine shape compared to the Neverfull. There is one large zip pocket in the interior of the bag, and a magnetic closure at the top. The rivets on the sides of the bag are static and do not rotate. I love pairing the Graceful with simple jeans and a tee! The MM is perfect for my height and for my needs (I 5 It fits my 15 macbook horizontally or vertically in addition to a water bottle and pencil case. However, the fit is very tight when my laptop is inserted horizontally, and the bag takes on a flat and unflattering shape. When inserted vertically, my laptop sticks out at the top, and the magnetic closure cannot be used.

Two very obvious threads sticking out the bottom edge of my first Graceful bag.

My first Graceful MM had 2 very obvious threads sticking out the bottom edges of the bag. It went unnoticed as I purchased the bag because I made the mistake of not inspecting closely in store. (Warning: remember to always do this to avoid the hassle of exchanging!!)Luckily for me, the exchange process was quite simple since I contacted my SA beforehand, and a Graceful that just came in was set aside. In store, the interaction with the SAs was extremely pleasant. They were understanding and made no fuss exchanging my bag for a new one.

With both the old and the new bag, the monogram pattern on the sides and bottom of the bag lined up very well. Several people seem to have issues with the Graceful monogram canvas wearing in the bottom corners within several uses. DE canvas hasn had that problem, although I have no idea why this would happen to one canvas but not the other. I hoping the Graceful will last and age well. I took a risk buying it without seeing how well it will stand the test of time. Despite this, I absolutely adore the style of the bag and am super excited to take my Graceful out! I like how it is less commonly seen compared to the Speedy and the Neverfull and is big enough to fit my Perfect Quality Louis Vuitton Replica everyday needs. xx Susan

The Graceful is such a nice change from the usual Neverfulls and Speedy for sure.

So far aaa replica designer handbags , I used the Graceful about once per week, usually carrying my 15 MacBook Pro, pencil cases, water bottles without a problem. It has held up surprisingly well. The only thing I noticed is that over time the leather handles loosen up and become softer because it stretches out from carrying heavy items. But that normal and if you 1:1 replica handbags don replica louis vuitton handbags carry heavy items or if you get the DE, it shouldn be a problem. The canvas has maintained its perfection (literally) since day 1. Let me know if you end up getting it!

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